Identities Cluster

The Identities cluster is devoted to advancing broadly conceived conceptual, theoretical, and methodological approaches to identities in Asia. Research on any sort of identity is welcomed: national, ethnic, religious, racial, sexual, gender, political, generational, and others are of interest. Questions of concern include how identities are produced, where they come from; how they are reproduced and maintained; the processes and mechanisms by which they change or evolve over time and space; and what kinds of effects they produce, such as political and social conflict or cooperation. All kinds of methodological and inter/disciplinary approaches to questions such as these are encouraged: cross-cultural experimental psychology; historical and cultural sociology and anthropology; social and cultural history and geography; ethnographic case studies; behavioral economics; and large-n quantitative analysis of original data sets. Research can range from deep immersion in a single site to a comparative study of the same research question in different Asian countries, to comparisons of Asia with other areas of the world.

Ted Hopf
Asia Research Institute & Department of Political Science