Religion and Globalisation
Name Research Area
Prof DEAN Kenneth Transnational trust; Temple networks linking Singapore Chinese temples to Southeast China and Southeast Asia
Dr BROWN Gustav Religious pluralism; religion and development; Islam in Asia.
Dr FAUZIA Amelia Islamic philanthropy and other faith-based philanthropic organisations
Dr MOK Mei Feng Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Everyday Life, Transnationalism, Cultural Networks
Dr NGO My (May) How constructions of both the ‘sacred’ and the ‘secular’ are negotiated within the humanitarian and development field, and how an examination of these processes render into question values that are assumed as universal and neutral
Name Department and Organisation
Asst Prof YAHAYA Nurfadzilah Department of History, National University of Singapore
Dr Giuseppe BOLOTTA University College Dublin, Ireland
Dr MAITRII Aung-Thwin Department of History, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore
Dr PAREDES Oona Department of Southeast Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Science, National University of Singapore
Dr ZUOSHI aga Independent Researcher
Former Members
Name Research Area and Topics While at ARI
Prof REID Anthony History of Islam and Christianity in Indonesia/Malaysia
Prof KEMPER Steven Anagarika Dharmapala, focusing on the rise of a Buddhist modernism, associated with his career in India, Burma, Thailand, Japan, England, and Sri Lanka
Dr BROWN Bernardo Forms of religiosity that emerge in transnational contexts and the encounter of different world Christian traditions
Dr BOLOTTA Giuseppe Compare the relationship between development and religion in the case of the Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, and (officially) “secular” NGOs dealing with childcare in the Thai capital’s shantytowns
Dr FORMICHI Chiara Trained in Islamic studies (University of Rome, Italy) and the history of Southeast Asia (SOAS, London), she focus on Islam as a lived religion and as a political ideology in 20th century Indonesia and Southeast Asia more broadly.
Dr HIGGINS Carter Religious studies, south asian studies, asian studies, anthropology, modern cultural history
Dr LAI Lei Kuan (Rongdao) Modern Chinese Religions, focusing especially on identity production and the changing landscape in modern Chinese Buddhism
Dr MOSTOWLANSKY Till Shia networks which transcend the modern frontiers of Tajikistan, Pakistan, Iran and India through development and charity
Dr SCHEER Catherine Cambodia’s Indigenous minorities and Anthropology of Christianity in continental Southeast Asia
A/Prof FEENER Michael (Former Leader) Former Cluster Leader - Intellectual and cultural history of Islam in the Middle East and Southeast Asia
Dr FOUNTAIN Philip Emerging engagements between ‘religion’ and international aid and development
Dr GEDACHT Joshua Samuel Relationship between colonial era war-making, Islamic networks, and the reconfiguration of religious connections in Indonesia and the Philippines
Dr SEN Ronojoy Religion, state and civil society in India
Dr YAHAYA Nurfadzilah Department of History
A/P BELL Gary Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
A/P SINHA Vineeta Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore
Dr BAUTISTA Julius Department of Southeast Asian Studies, National University of Singapore
Dr INANC Zeliha Gul Cultural Heritage and History Education in SEA, Higher Education for Refugees, Contemporary Religious Art and Architecture
Dr JAMAL Aarif Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore
Dr KINGSLEY Jeremy Tembusu College, National University of Singapore
Prof TURNER Bryan Stanley Former Cluster Leader. Social theory of religion; sociology of piety
Prof ARPS Bernard Social and political processes in which language plays a formative role
Prof TOSA Keiko Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore
Prof FORMOSO Bernard Ethnicity and the study of religious institutions in the context of globalization
A/Prof TAN Sor Hoon Chinese philosophy; pragmatism; moral and political philosophy from cross-cultural comparative perspectives
A/Prof GOH Robbie Nineteenth century English Literature (particularly R. L. Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, fin de siecle gothic writing); speculative fiction; urban landscapes; Christianity in Asia; advertising; and related topics
A/Prof MARRANCI Gabriele Identity; Muslim migration/immigration; urban sociology; globalisation; fundamentalism; political Islam; secularisation processes; criminology; anthropology of music
Prof CHENG Dennis Yijing; intellectual history of late imperial China
Prof van der VEER Pieter Tjitse Comparison of religion and nationalism in India and China; anthropology; Indo-Iranian languages and cultures
Prof HARRIS Ian Charles Aspects of Theravada Buddhist ethics and politics; Buddhist political activism in pre-Pol Pot Cambodia, with particular emphasis on wider Southeast Asian networks
Prof LIANG Yongjia World renunciation; Esoteric Buddhism; territorial cults; Chinese intellectual tradition
Prof KONG Lily Geographies of religion; cultural economy and cultural policy; constructions of ‘nation’ and national identity; constructions of ‘nature’ and environment
Prof NAGATA Judith Religion, ethnicity and culture in North America and Southeast Asia
Prof SHEN Haimei Gender and ethnicity in Southwest China
A/Prof PALMER David Alexander Local ritual traditions, transnational religious movements, faith-based volunteering and NGOs in the Chinese world and Southeast Asia
Dr WAGHORNE Joanne Interrelation of globalisation and religion in contemporary Hindu organisations; movements in India and the diaspora
Prof CHOU Po-kan Formation of Chinese Buddhism through the re-organisation of Buddhist doctrines and practice; Buddhist scriptures by Chinese Buddhist elites
Dr BAUTISTA Julius Catholicism in the Philippines; religious studies
Prof BLACKBURN Anne Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia, with a special interest in Buddhist monastic culture and Buddhist participation in networks linking Sri Lanka and mainland Southeast Asia before and during colonial presence in the region
Dr MAKIN Al Classical Islamic literature, particularly on the early concept of prophet-hood; public intellectual debates in the current Islam in Indonesia
Dr ACRI Andrea Hinduism and Indian philosophies, Sanskrit and Old Javanese languages and literatures, intellectual history of the Indic world
A/Prof HUANG C. Julia Topics: Buddhist transnationalism; NGO-ness; charities and faith-based organizations; charismatic leadership; gender and religion. Areas: Taiwan; the Chinese Diaspora (in Malaysia and the United States)
Prof HOSKINS Janet Alison Study of transnational religion, material culture, immigration and media
A/Prof SAMUELS Jeffrey Intersection of religion, history and culture in South and Southeast Asia
Prof YANG Mayfair Anthropology of religion; modernity and the state; China studies; gender and media studies
Dr KIRICHENKO Alexey Early modern and colonial period history, monastic Buddhism, historiography, organization and representations of political power in Burma as well as history of other Southeast Asian countries
Dr BUDIWANTI Erni Ethno-religious groupings and minorities in Indonesia and Malaysia
Dr BUSH Robin Islam and politics in Indonesia; changing roles of mass-based religious organisations; religion and development/social justice
Dr CHO Kyuhoon The conceptualization of the category ‘religion’ in modern Korea; the public role of Buddhism and Christianity in a globalised Korea; the religious system of North Korea; and religion as an alternative communication system in modern global Asia
Dr COOK Joanna Claire Democratization of religious practice in Thailand
Dr FINUCANE Juliana Interreligious relations; new forms of religious cosmopolitanism and missionary activity
A/Prof FISCHER Johan Theoretical and empirical focus on the proliferation of halal commodities on a global scale
Asst_Prof HAMAYOTSU Kikue Islam and politics in Indonesia and Malaysia
Dr HASAN Noorhaidi Political Islam in contemporary Indonesia and other Muslim-populated countries in Southeast Asia
Dr KHAN Tabassum Emergent identities of Indian Muslim youth within contexts of economic liberalization and neoliberal globalization
Dr McGREGOR Katharine History, memory, violence and cross-cultural responses to criminal trials in Indonesia
Asst_Prof MCLAUGHLIN Levi Rise of new religious movements in the modern era
Dr MEULENBELD Mark Various aspects of Daoism; new project on “The Ritual Ecology of Local Religion: A Daoist Village in the Hills of Central Hunan”
Dr NAIR Deepa Rise of religious nationalism in India; globalization and South Asian diaspora; education and curriculum reform in South Asia
Dr RICCI Ronit Comparative literature; South and Southeast Asian cultures
Dr RINALDO Rachel Gender, religion, globalisation and the nation-state with a focus on Indonesia
Dr ROZARIO Santi Gender, religion (especially Islam), modernity and sustainability; Islam, genetics and identity; women, development, NGOs, microcredit, health (childbirth) and education; inter-religious communal relations; migration and identity
Dr SALIM Arskal Islamic legal theory; law and Muslim politics; Islam and human rights; legal anthropology of Muslim societies
Dr SCHEIFINGER Heinz Relationship between religion (especially Hinduism) and the Internet
Dr TAMARA Nasir Islam and politics, with a focus on globalization and violence in the name of religion
Dr WEISS Richard South Asian religion, in particular Tamil South Indian Hinduism
Dr WU Keping Religion and development in contemporary China; anthropology of Christianity, ethnic and religious pluralism in Southwest China; conversion and Buddhism in contemporary Southeast China
Dr ZHONG Yijiang Religion and modernity in East Asia, exploring these issues from the thematic perspectives of authority, epistemology and space
Dr Chen Lang