Prof Tejaswini NIRANJANA
Designation : Visiting Senior Research Fellow
Office : 09-18
Telephone : 6516 8785
Status : Former Staff

Prof Niranjana has commenced a three-month appointment as a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Culture Studies with effect from 6 January 2016.

Prof Niranjana is co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society in Bangalore. She is currently Chair, Centre for Indian Languages in Higher Education, TISS Mumbai, and Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Humanities at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. She received her PhD in English from University of California, Los Angeles. Her most recent monograph is Mobilizing India: Women, Music and Migration between India and Trinidad (Durham: 2006). She is conceptualiser and co-producer (with Surabhi Sharma) of Jahaji Music: India in the Caribbean (2007) and a forthcoming 2015 film on Hindustani music in Mumbai. In June-July 2015, she curated an exhibition titled Making Music-Making Space, based on her research.

While at ARI, she will be working on chapters of a forthcoming book on music, modernity and the public domain, focussing on the career of Hindustani classical music in Mumbai city.