Designation : Postdoctoral Fellow
Office : AS8, #07-54
Telephone : 6516 7270
Status : Former Staff

Dr Gibert received her Ph.D in urban geography from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France, in June 2014. Her research deals with the dynamics of public and private spaces in the development of Asian cities today, as well as with vernacular architecture and the practices of city dwellers in postcolonial cities. Her Ph.D. proposed a trandisciplinary and in-depth ethnographic study of the alleyways network (hẻm) in the urban districts of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Considering the figure of the alleyway both as an urban form and a vibrant public space, her work is at the crossroad between urban planning, architecture and social issues. She has been conducting fieldwork in Ho Chi Minh City for more than six years, during which time she regularly taught urban planning at the University of Architecture and Urban Planning.

While at ARI, she pursues her research on place-making and expressions of the collective realm in Southeast Asian cities. She is concerned with the study and the understanding of places that enable to “create publics”. Beyond iconic urban projects and glittering central business districts (CBD), she proposes to focus on “the practice of the everyday life” of mundane public spaces. Thus, her aim is to provide a renewed and a truly in-depth exploration of the metropolization processes in the region, by acknowledging the value of urban dwellers’ daily actions, which contribute to injecting new functions and new meanings into places.