Prof Wei-Jun Jean YEUNG
Designation : Professor
Office : AS8, #07-10
Telephone : 65164549
Status : Staff

Wei-Jun Jean Yeung is a professor at the Department of Sociology and the Cluster Leader in the Changing Family in Asia research cluster in Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore. She chairs the Family, Children, and Youth Research Cluster in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in NUS. Professor Yeung is on the editorial boards of Demography, Journal of Marriage and Family, and Journal of Family Issues, and has served on the board of the Child Development journal and on numerous scientific review committees. She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies and an international academic advisor to the Institute of Social Science Studies in Peking University. Professor Yeung was a co-principal investigator of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics. She is an international advisor of several family panel studies in the world. She is currently conducting a study with colleagues to examine the impact of migration on Chinese children’s development. Professor Yeung’s current research includes various family demographic issues in Asia and in America. Her recent publications include edited special issues on Asian Fatherhood, Transitioning to Adulthood in Asia, and Shifting Boundaries of Care in Asia and a forthcoming volume on Economic Stress and Families in Asia. 

She holds a joint appointment with Dept of Sociology, NUS. click here