Designation : Postdoctoral Fellow
Office : 08-03A
Telephone : 6516 4547
Status : Former Staff

Dr. Eli Asher Elinoff is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in his first year, in the Asian Urbanisms Cluster. He was appointed on 16 December 2013.

Dr Elinoff received his BA (Anthropology) from University of Colorado, Boulder, and MA and PhD in Anthropology from the University of California, San Diego in June 2013.

His research focuses on citizenship, emerging political practices, notions of sustainability, and contestations over urban development in Thailand. His dissertation, Architectures of Citizenship: Democracy, Development, and the Politics of Participation in Thailand’s Railway Communities, considers these themes through an ethnographic analysis of the implementation of new forms of participatory urban planning in squatter settlements in the growing northeastern Thai city of Khon Kaen. In 2012, he co-edited a special focus issue of South East Asia Research that explored Northeastern Thailand’s political transformations. He also has a forthcoming article in Political and Legal Anthropology Review that examines the politics of sustainable development and the “Sufficiency Economy.”

Brief Write-Up on Proposed Work

While at ARI, Dr Elinoff will continue the research he began during his dissertation, deepening his attention on practices of participatory design and histories of urban struggle in Northeastern Thailand. He will also begin preliminary work on a new project examining the political ecologies of concrete in Bangkok.