Dr Dong Hyun SONG
Designation : Research Fellow
Office : AS8, #07-52
Telephone : 65164562
Status : Staff

Dr. Song joined ARI as Postdoctoral Fellow in the Cultural Studies cluster on January 12, 2016, and was in the Inter-Asia engagements cluster in 2017. He is currently a Research Fellow in the Science, Technology, and Society cluster effective 12 January 2018.

Prior to joining ARI, Dr. Song worked at the Korean Internet Security Agency (KISA) between January 2014 and January 2016. KISA is a government affiliation that supports the South Korean government’s ICT policymaking. His scholarly background is rooted in media and communications and cultural studies. His research focuses on exploring the effect of cyberspace on socio-political culture and on society and social media culture in everyday lives.

While working at ARI, he will conduct a research on Singaporean social media culture and a comparative analysis on online personal information protection in Asian regions. He will also conduct a research on the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the Asian context.