Dr Shu HU
Designation : Research Fellow
Office : AS8, #07-36
Telephone : 6516 4547
Status : Former Staff

Dr Shu Hu is currently a joint research fellow at the Asia Research Institute and the Centre for Family and Population Research (CFPR).

She is a family sociologist and her research interests center on how family origin, gender, and the state shape the lives and wellbeing of individuals at different stages of the life course. She received her PhD in Sociology from National University of Singapore in 2015. Her research during graduate school focused on parental labor migration and adolescents’ transition to high school in rural China. She has also done research on transition to adulthood of young people, and changes and continuities of marriage values in China. She has published in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science and Chinese Journal of Sociology.


Brief Write-Up on Proposed Work
During her research fellowship, she plans to finish the projects she started as a postdoc, and also plans to expand into more projects using both China data and data from different Asian countries. Her ongoing projects include parental migration and the wellbeing of children, gender differences in academic achievement, how macro-level factors interact with individual characteristics in shaping marital timing, and gender and housework division.