Dr Xiaorong GU
Designation : Postdoctoral Fellow
Office : AS8 #07-47
Telephone : 6516 4218
Status : Staff

Dr Gu Xiaorong has commenced a 1-year appointment as a post-doctoral research fellow in the cluster of Changing Family in Asia with effect from February 27, 2017.

She is a sociologist who shows great passions in understanding social consequences of China’s economic reform through the lens of family changes. Her mixed-method dissertation, titled “Hurdles and Hopes:  An Ecological Analysis of Migrant Children in China”, explores how multiple contexts stratify Chinese rural migrant children’s educational achievement in the post-reform era. Her wider research interests include child and youth development, migration, family, education, social stratification, China’s post-reform political economy and mixed-methods research.

She obtained her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English literature. Between 2008 and 2012, she was a lecturer in School of International Studies, Sun Yat-sen University.

She will be located at AS8, Room 07-47 ext no 64218 email: arigx