Dr Xiaorong GU
Designation : Postdoctoral Fellow
Office : AS8 #07-47
Telephone : 6516 4218
Status : Staff

Dr Gu Xiaorong has commenced her second-year appointment as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Changing Family in Asia cluster since 27 February 2017. She received her PhD from The National University of Singapore in 2017. She obtained her Master’s (2008) and Bachelor’s (2006) degrees (English Language & Literature) from Sun Yat-sen University and Hunan University in China respectively. Between 2008 and 2012, she was a lecturer in School of International Studies, Sun Yat-sen University, winning multiple teaching awards.

She is a sociologist who shows great passions in understanding the social consequences of China’s economic reform through the lens of family changes. Her mixed-method PhD project, titled “Hurdles and Hopes: An Ecological Analysis of Migrant Children in China”, explores how multiple contexts (family, school and local political economy) stratify rural migrant children’s educational achievement in cities. This research project contributes to the formulation of a stratification theory for reform-era China where growing class inequality, institutional mechanisms and economic/political geographies intertwine in shaping rural migrants’ life chances and experiences in urban areas. Her wider research interests include child and youth development, migration, family, education, social stratification, China’s political economy and mixed-methods research.

While at ARI, she is conducting a follow-up study of migration and youth development in two Chinese cities, in preparation of a book manuscript for a sole-authored monograph. She will also conduct research on new topics such as youths’ transition to adulthood and the shifting values of children in Asian societies.”

She will be located at AS8, Room 07-47 ext no 64218 email: arigx