Study Groups
The Indonesia Study Group (ISG) is the oldest area study group in ARI, predating the formation of the Institute by several years. It is made up of academics not only in NUS, but also in the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), as well as other people in the community who have interest in what is happening in Indonesia. The group is open to students as well as established scholars and aspires to have a workshop/conference on topical issues in Indonesia every year, in addition to seminars that occur frequently mostly by visiting academics. The ISG also welcomes new members across disciplines as well as new ideas for activities that can contribute to the study group's academic and social activities. Members (Anyone interested in the activities of this study group is welcome to contact:)
The ARI Mainland Southeast Asia Study Group brings together visiting and Singapore-based scholars (primarily) interested in the study of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Its activities consist of pubic seminars, reading groups, roundtable discussions and symposia. Although we focus on research that is often situated within the boundaries of these contemporary nation-states, we invite speakers whose works span the territorial, cultural, chronological, and epistemological borders of our sub-field.
The Malaysia Study Group aims to promote Malaysian studies as a critical and relevant field of inquiry within the region. It aims to bring together concerned scholars and public intellectuals on Malaysian affairs for an exchange of ideas through activities in the form of discussion groups, seminars and roundtables. The topic of engagement can range from issues of contemporary controversy to historical reassessments of past investigations. Issues of ethnicity, multicultural conflict, religion, governance, nationalism, human rights and gender will be some of the key areas for debate and discussion.
The Asia Research Institute's Philippines Study Group (ARI-PSG) is a network of scholars and intellectuals united in the aim of encouraging and facilitating discussion on a broad range of Philippines-related topics. Its activities consist of pubic seminars, reading groups, roundtable discussions and symposia featuring international scholars, artists, and members of the Filipino community in Singapore and beyond. The ARI-PSG hosts the Philippines Forum, which seeks to offer expert commentary on prevailing political, social and cultural issues affecting the Philippines as they happen.